Author Services

Author Assistant (PA) services: I will help you with whatever you need! I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and I am ready to help you, so that you can relax and write, I will create sign ups using google docs for you to use, I can send out emails, contact bloggers, check to see that posts are being made, pimp in groups on FB, Send out tweets on Twitter, and keep up with your instagram, contacting other blogs to get posts made there as well, and more!
Promotions and Graphics: I also can provide promo and graphic services if that is what you choose. I have been a digital designer for 13 years you can see a lot of my work on my design blog called Bookworm Dezines. I will promote your work daily on various Facebook blog pages. You can chose the book and the image you want me to use, and I will do the rest! I can keep track of all links in a word doc so you can quickly access the posts I promoted you on. I can send this to you weekly. I will accept payment through paypal for this service  
Graphics Only:  I can create teasers to showcase a specific quote from your book, announce a sale, or various other reasons. I can pick stock photos, or just use your quote with textures or you can purchase your own for me to use. 
Logo Design: Need a new logo, or a reworking of one you already have? I can do it for you. We work together to give you a brand that will have them talking about you.

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